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Vétérinaire examen chien


Wounds and scars

It has been shown that exposure to a
near infrared radiation creates
increased accumulation of collagen and
a complete reconstruction of
the epithelium during healing.

These natural reactions significantly reduce
and more quickly the surface of the wound and scars.



Improved blood circulation and lymphatic system

Diaphotonie® improves the circulation of blood and lymph by fluidification, which causes an anti-oedema effect and calms redness and inflammation.

In addition, the induced thinning of the blood allows the brain to better oxygenate itself and thus improve general cognitive functions.

équitation pro

Muscle fatigue
and inflammation

There are many studies showing how near infrared at a certain intensity can reduce pain levels and reduce joint and muscle inflammation.

Regular exposure speeds healing time and improves damaged tissue.


Chronic pain

Treatment of chronic pain with radiation filtered near infrared is non-visible light located at the end of the solar spectrum. He is extremelyinteresting, because compared to many treatments, it is easily achievable, at lower cost and all without side effects.

It is also effective on animals suffering from chronic pain. The process is also widely used to relax muscles and maximize recovery after intense effort.


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